Pass The Puck

The promotion will be active every VGK Game home or away during Oct 17th through April 13th.

In order for the promotion to launch, the bartender will randomly select an actively playing rewards member’s machine by drawing a number. The rewards member that is actively playing will receive the “puck” and the promotion begins.

The “puck” will be given to the first player that hits a qualifying hand. The “puck” will then be continually passed to the player with the next qualifying hand. This will continue until the end of the period, at which point the player with the “puck” will be awarded the free play. This process will continue for the second and third period. If overtime happens in the game, this will be considered part of the third period. 


Qualifying Hands

Video Poker – patron must hit (4 of a kind or higher) on video poker with a minimum bet of $1.25 or more and no wild cards. Triple play and all multi-hand-play poker may qualify only on the bottom hand. If qualifier is dealt, it wil be considered as one qualifier only.


Keno – $50 win with a minimum of a 50 cent wager.


Promotion Free Play Awards (Awarded at the end of each period)

1st Period – $25

2nd Period – $25

3rd Period/OT – $50


  • Must be 21 years or older to participate. 
  • Player must be a Jett Gaming Players Club Member to be eligible to win. 
  • All qualifying hands must be verified by the bartender. Failure to notify attendant voids qualifier, no exceptions.
  • Free play will be loaded onto player’s account automatically within 24 hours. 
  • All prizes are non-transferable.
  • Any and all taxes or fees resulting from any prize are the sole responsibility of winner.
  • Management reserves all rights and may change or cancel promotions without notice.